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We will arrange for your ready materials to be picked up and transported.



We will shred any materials needed to size and ensure all testing is complete for processing and delivery.


The Recycling Revolution staff has more than 30 years of recycling experience. We are experts in recycling! We purchase all types of plastic, metal and electronic waste streams. We provide any and all equipment that is necessary for the collection and recycling of scrap. We currently have countless balers, grinders and drop trailers at many of our suppliers across the country. We handle all the logistics involved in the pick up and handling of your scrap. We offer immediate payment on all the scrap we purchase.

We specialize in low end, contaminated and hard to handle materials. Please contact us and let us help solve your recycling needs.

We purchase and process HDPE bottles, PET bottles, Commingled bottles, 1-7, 3-7 and HDPE mixed rigid bottles at our plant in Georgia.  We sort, shred, regrind, wash and resell our HDPE fractional melt and HDPE injection grade regrinds. Repro is also available.



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